Why form a WYOMING LLC?

Wyoming LLCs can help you minimize taxes, reduce liabilities and protect your identity. These benefits are available whether you run an online store or have operations in another state. Below we describe how even a gym in Chicago can benefit from forming a Wyoming LLC with us.

wy llc benefits

    • Low Fees: We charge $199 to form your LLC online. Future years, including our registered agent service, cost a total of $75.

    • No Taxes: Even companies in other states can benefit. Ask us how by clicking here to contact us.

    • Privacy & Anonymity: Owners and Managers are not listed anywhere. Only we know who you are.

    • Simplicity: Everything can be handled online. We only require five minutes of your time. Simply complete this form. Within twenty four hours we will deliver your company and all needed documents to your client portal.

    • Liability: Separate your personal assets from corporate liabilitities.

We have helped thousands and can help you too. It is our goal to make your life easy - nearly everything can be handled quickly online. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. This is the art of corporate structuring and it's our passion.

Debating between Wyoming and Nevada? Nevada was competitive, but became greedy and raised fees for seven straight years. These events have quietly made Wyoming LLCs the cheapest for small and medium sized businesses.

What's The Process?

  1. Complete the order form by clicking here
  2. Receive an email with your login information.
  3. Login and view your documents.
  4. Everything is finished within 24 hours - GUARANTEED!
  5. Contact us if you ever need anything.

Why Cloud Peak Law?

Price, professionalism, and return on investment... Let's take those one by one. We have streamlined our administrative tasks and passed the savings on. As a law firm, we have a reputation to stand by. We handle everything, with no surprises, and you will be on your way in less than a day. That's our professional promise to you.

What do you get in return for investing your money with us? You will receive your LLC(s), unlimited phone support, free documents and a partner. Browse our packages to find the one that suits you.

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wy llc packages

The Essential LLC $199: Everything you need to start. We handle all Wyoming Secretary of State filings and fees. In addition to your LLC, you will receive:

  • Free Mail Forwarding - 5 Pieces
  • 1 Year of Registered Agent Service
  • Single or Multi-Member Operating Agreement
  • Organizational Minutes
  • Resolution To Open A Bank Account
  • 10 Things to Keep in Mind
  • Attorney Client Privilege

Click here to form yours now or contact us first.


The Turn-Key LLC $299: In addition to everything above, we also provide:

  • EIN From The IRS
  • 13 Common LLC Mistakes
  • Legal Audit Checklist
  • How To Fund Your LLC Guide

Click here to form yours now or contact us first.

Case Study #1

Consider an online company or other business not tied to a location. The business generates $30,000 in profits and is unlikely to face a lawsuit or creditor problems. The owner lives in Virginia.

Scenario 1: Incorporate in your home state and pay 6% of $30,000 - or $2,400 per year.

Scenario 2: Form a Wyoming LLC for $199. Pay no state taxes on corporate income and save $2,400.

The choice in this example is clear. Doing business in WY is preferable. You will also maintain your anonymity and enjoy strong asset protection laws.

Custom Corporate Structuring

Holding Company (Double LLC) $599: Designed for tax and risk-management. Segregates assets from liabilities and diverts revenue streams to eliminate state taxes. These benefits make Wyoming LLC Holding Companies indespensable regardless of where your business operates. Think of the additional $500 as a one-time insurance payment against bad employee decisions, aggressive creditors and bad luck. In addition to what's above, you receive:

  • Attorney time
  • Custom Drafted Documents
  • 20% Discount on Virtual Office

Companies with significant assets and revenue, or in high risk industries, should discuss additional options with us. We offer asset protection strategies such as Domestic Trusts and Self-Directed 401k LLCs. We also proudly offer nominee services and assistance with bank accounts. Let us know how we can be of service to you and your organization.

case study #2

Consider a fitness center in Chicago, IL. The center owns equipment, furniture and a trademarkable name, among other things. These assets exceed $100,000 and present a liability.

Scenario 1: Incorporate a single LLC in Illinois. The gym earns $50,000 and is taxed 7.75% or $3875.

Scenario 2: Incorporate in Illinois. A foolish customer or bad employee leads to a lawsuit. All the LLC's assets are at risk. Think this won't happen to you? View our blog here for horror stories - Alternatively, your company fails to pay rent. Your landlord seizes equipment and liquidates it.

Scenario 3: Form a double LLC. One in Wyoming for assets and the other in Illinois for operations. The operating company leases equipment, borrows operating cash and pays royalties for the trademark. This diverts $30,000 of the $50,000 in profits to Wyoming. Thus saving $2,235 in taxes. Further, lawsuits and creditors cannot seize the Wyoming LLC's assets because they are held in a separate entity.

This example applies across many industries. Contact us today and we will find a solution for you.

Final Thoughts

Still wondering whether our Wyoming corporate services differ from “similar” providers? The short story is we offer the lowest fees and have been in the business for 30+ years. We have accomplished this by providing more value than merely forming your Wyoming LLC and dropping it in your lap. We offer numerous How-To-Guides and over 100 pages of reading for the DIY crowd, and turn-key packages for those wanting to focus on other things. Asset protection, domestic trusts and estate planning are just a few of our additional services. Our partnership doesn’t end when you pay, it’s merely the beginning.

Further Reading

You may find additional reading under the order form. You may also browse our resource articles here:

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Wyoming LLC taxes

Wyoming has no corporate income tax. Working with us, you can invest those savings directly into your business, rather than giving them to the State. Companies operating in other states stand to benefit the most from forming a WY LLC to act as a holding company. Through loans, leases, royalties and management contracts you can divert revenue to Wyoming tax free. Consider the savings from what you paid last year in your home state.

Wyoming Secretary of State LLC Fees

Filing with us costs $199 the first year, this includes the $102 we pay the State. Every year after, your corporation will only pay $50 to the Wyoming Secretary of State when you file your Annual Report. Nevada charges $150 every year after. WY also doesn't require a business license. Nevada does, and charges LLCs $200 per year. This means your out the door Wyo fees each year are $50 plus whatever registered agent service you choose. Ours is $49 per year, bringing your total compliance cost to $99 annually.

Nevada would be $350 BEFORE you find a registered agent. The fees are even higher for Corporations. Don't forget, they limit the number of shares you may issue and charge $150 if you want more. Wyoming allows unlimited shares free of charge.

Wyoming LLC privacy

Wyoming LLCs are advantageous because of the strict privacy laws governing them. The State of Wyoming only knows who organizes the company which is us. Your name never appears on a public database anywhere. Don't worry, desiring privacy is not wrong. You have a right to keep your affairs private and have nothing to gain by displaying your wealth. When you elect for our service you receive an additional layer of protecting due to attorney-client privilege. Follow this link for a full explanation of who knows what and when.


No citizenship requirements
You do not need to be a U.S. citizen to form an LLC. You are not even required to visit the USA. You may live anywhere in the world and operate your Wyoming LLC remotely. We have many international clients and are happy to assist you.

Convenient transfer
Wyoming has made it easy for you to move your existing LLC to our state. The method is called continuance. Essentially, Wyoming will allow you to maintain your same start date so you don't have a "brand-new" company. This is great for securing cerdit etc. This service is something that you cannot do in many other states, including Nevada.

Cheaply form your LLC online

Everything is handled online and within twenty four hours.

asset protection

A properly formed LLC is recognized as a separate legal entity with its own Federal tax ID Number. The LLC is responsible for its liabilities and its debts, not the owners. This means, the the creditors of a Wyoming Limited Liability Corporation cannot pierce the corporate veil and seize the owner's assets.

A single LLC, however, does not separate the company's assets from its liabilities. To limit potential losses, one should employ multiple corporations in a holding company setup. This keeps important assets safe and will allow the company to continue functioning in the event of a lawsuit.

We have a technical guide explaining the asset protection features of Wyoming LLCs here.

Miscellaneous Facts

Perpetual life - unlimited duration
An LLC is a separate legal entity, which has its own existence and perpetual life. In other words, the business can continue beyond this lifetime - long into future generations. An LLC, continues indefinitely until it is formally dissolved. Specifically, memberships in an LLC can generally be sold, gifted or bequeathed to others. LLCs stand in contrast to Sole proprietorships, which typically end upon the death of the owner.

Transferability of ownership
Unlike a Sole Proprietorship, which does not have a life apart from its owner and cannot be transferred to a third party, LLCs provide an excellent vehicle for transferring ownership through a straightforward exchange of membership.

Unlimited Shares

Wyoming does not charge LLCs for their share count. Contrast this with Nevada LLCs which charge more for this.

Number of owners
Wyoming allow for single-member LLCs, and up to an unlimited number of memberships (except with S-Corporation status, there is a limit of 100 members).

2017 Wyoming Scholarship Details

The scholarship this year will be available to part and full time students at the following Wyoming colleges:

  1. Casper College
  2. Sheridan College
  3. Eastern Wyoming College
  4. University of Wyoming

The amount of the scholarship is $500. The recipient's funds will be forwarded to the individual student, or the school if required. To qualify, please do the following:

Write a 750 word essay on how your experiences in college thus far have formed your views regarding the importance of national unity. We decided on this topic because of recent political discourse being so divided.

Please don't forget to include your contact information, or school, so we may know how to inform you should you be selected. Thanks for your interest. Needs to be posted marked by August 31st, 2017 to: Cloud Peak Law Group 203 S. Main St. Ste 3000 Sheridan, WY 82801

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