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Who should you trust with your most important affairs? Discount providers, such as Legal Zoom, offer tempting prices. Crucial nuance is lost when filling simplistic questionnaires though - and there's nobody to have your back. It’s cheap in the beginning, but costs more in the end. Why pick up nickles in front of a bull-dozer?

At the other end are overpriced legal services. Allow us to help... We have helped thousands of clients just like you. For so long as we combine quality service and reasonable prices we will be successful. Why fix something that's not broken?

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Estate taxes trap the unwary. Yet, many avoid the discomfort of estate planning because it relates to death and dying. One's choice amounts to getting ahead of the issue, or leaving things to the cruelty of chance and forcing survivors to face difficult decisions during an even more difficult time.

Everything you want to know about wills, trusts, taxes, asset protection and nursing home poverty... but didn't know who to ask. Our articles cover how to prevent your savings from being wiped out by nursing home costs, seven costly mistakes families make during estate planning, what probate is, why you want to avoid it, how to minimize estate taxes and more.


Having home and car insurance is obvious. What's less obvious, but arguably more important, is insuring against bankruptcy, divorce, bad luck, zealous creditors and poor decisions. Properly structuring your finances reduces the risk of catatrophic losses stemming from the aforementioned events. There are as many strategies as people and their situations. Our three most popular offerings are:


Trusts are containers for assets. You place what you own inside and the lid may only be opened according to your rules. They are designed to protect your assets from creditors. Our trusts are formed domestically and avoid many pitfalls common to offshore trusts. As proud members of the Domestic Asset Protection Counsel we are happy to walk you through the process.

MEDICAID asset protection TRUSTs

Medicaid costs often force families to go bankrupt caring for their elders. One month in a skillerd nursing facility costs an average of $10,000. Our trusts enable you to qualify for Medicaid, without losing your home or going bankrupt - for less than the cost of one month in a nursing facility.

Solo 401(k) LLCs

Our setup enable you to bypass a custodian and invest in a wider variety of opportunities. You will save on fees and have full control over how your fund is managed. We handle everything for you, from the LLC to the operating agreement. You then control the LLC and invest as you wish.

Corporate structures & strategies

Proper planning minimizes taxes and liabilities while enhancing privacy. Failing to plan throws everything you've worked for to the wind in the hope "things just work out". Why opt for unnecessary risks when we can take care of them for you? We provide examples of how we can help client like you, along with numerous resource articles.

    • Wyoming LLCs: Learn about LLCs, including their unique benefits and privacy. We can assist no matter where you or your business are located.

    • Wyoming Corporations: Learn about corporations, including their benefits and privacy. Just as with LLCs, we can assist regardless of where you live or your business is located.

    • Virtual Offices: We provide a full suite of services. From lease, to phones and mail forwarding.

    • Registered Agent Services: The professionalism of a law firm, at a fraction of the usual price.

Others market cheap corporations and registered agent services... and you get what you pay for. We help secure your future through providing follow-up services such as asset protection, domestic trusts and estate planning. Our relationship doesn't end when you pay, that's when it begins.


This is a testimonial for Mark Pierce, an estate attorney in Sheridan, Wyoming. My husband and I attended a seminar on estate planning that Mark conducted in Gillette. During his presentation, Mark explained the advantegaes of having a living trust. His presentation was extremely information and helped us to understand the basics of a much needed estate plan.

After the seminar, we scheduled an appointment in which Mark explained to us in detail, the steps and paperwok needed to establish a living trust. We found Mark to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Mark took our calls and answered any questions or concerns wthat we had.

He helped us navigate the legal system to maximize and prortect our assets upon our passing. This will also minimize time and expense for our heirs, giving us peace of mind. We are extremely grateful to Mark for his expertise, and highly recommend him.


Steve & Kathy

Mr. Pierce saved our father's estate from Medicaid taxes. He helped us through some very difficult times and made the process of Medicaid planning much less stressful. We highly recommend him. - Kelly & Linda

Our experience with Cloud Peak was very good. They were referred to us from our attorney in our previous state of residence, via a trusted professional network. They was extremely thorough, and displayed an in-depth knowledge and experience with the Family Trust and associated estate planning issues that we needed addressed.  I would certainly recommend him for this type of legal counsel.

Darren and Melissa Duerksen
Highlands Ranch, CO

During a difficult time in my family’s life, we were provided comforting legal advice and essential trust documents.  This was necessary for the protection of a very special and loved person to ensure a solid, safe future.

Don. Edwards
Englewood, CO

We were introduced to through our financial manager.  Because we have great faith in him as well as his judgment, we decided to meet with Cloud Peak Law this past summer.  I must say, still to this day, we are very impressed not with their Estate Planning, as well as other legal advice, and general promptness.

We work with several different people in the legal industry due to what our business exposes us to.  Never on any level of activity have we had the type of consideration, attention and personal respect that we have received.

Wayne and Sherry Unruh
Evanston, WY

We were extremely pleased with Lisa’s professional services. She was very knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of the legal process, but maintained a friendly, personal attitude with us during a very complicated legal venture. We felt as if Lisa always had our best interests at heart. We were very impressed with her attention to the smallest detail, and she was always available to us to answer questions, make changes, or explain a complicated process.

We have recommended her to several of our friends and would recommend her to anyone seeking a professional, detail-oriented, personable attorney.

Doug and Donnie Gooch
Chromo, CO

For several years we had deferred putting our financial affairs in order. After attending a number of planning seminars, we concluded that waiting was not good. Three criteria came to mind as we sought professional guidance. Our counselor must be qualified, sensitive to our needs, and not pushy.Our initial meeting with Lisa put our reservations to rest. We immediately recognized the excellent quality of her educational and professional achievements. She attentively listened to our goals for our plan, and then asked incisive questions. Lisa discussed several options with us as well as costs for each option. She did not ask for a commitment, but sent us home to think things over so that we would be comfortable with our plan. Lisa met our criteria and then some.

In subsequent visits with Lisa, we were pleased that she was always on time, well prepared and willing to accommodate any changes in documents that we suggested. The final result included a plan to easily pass our estate to our heirs without their being burdened with legal hoops, instructions to our children as well as the medical community in the event we were incapacitated, and all necessary assistance from Lisa to formalize our documents. Because of Lisa’s professionalism, encouragement and guidance, we have peace of mind that our estate is in order. Thank you Lisa.

Dolores and John H. Deeter
Centennial, CO

Learn more about our services, including medicaid trusts, domestic trusts, Wyoming LLCs, business planning and more.

Lisa is a very knowledgeable and experienced trust attorney. She is very committed to her clients and works to ensure their interests are served. In fact, she developed some innovative solutions in structuring my living trust. This included preparing some clear and concise language that addressed some complicated preferences that I had directed for some of my assets. I found her efforts not only clarified my wishes, but did so in a manner that protected my assets. Upon completing the trust agreement, she worked to ensure that all of my assets were properly identified and assigned to the trust.

Lisa is very easy to work with because of her personable and friendly style. She is also an excellent listener. She is very responsive to her clients in meeting deadlines and returning phone calls when questions arise. Her work product is always thorough and accurate. She is also extremely conscientious and fair about her fees. She uses a flexible system of fees that is commensurate with the complexity of services needed for a given situation. I was extremely pleased with the living trust Lisa developed for me. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities and I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, conscientious, and client focused trust attorney.

Lisa was amazing! She quickly put me at ease despite the anxiety I was feeling about writing a will – would it truly leave my assets to the intended recipients without monies being lost to courts and attorneys as it was when my father passed. And, I wanted to be sure that my beloved animals would be taken care of and that my intentions on their behalf be written into my will.

Lisa not only anticipated the litany of questions that raced around in my mind, but she brought up many things that I’d never considered, but was sure glad that she did!

Lisa has a knack for instantly establishing rapport and giving you the sense that you are talking to a trusted friend, not an impersonal attorney.

I’m immensely pleased with the final product that resulted in my will and thanks to Lisa, I now have great peace of mind knowing that my “house is in order.”