Everything you want to know about wills, trusts, taxes, asset protection and nursing home poverty... but didn't know who to ask. Our articles cover how to prevent your savings from being wiped out by nursing home costs, seven costly mistakes families make during estate planning, what probate is and why you want to avoid it and how to minimize estate taxes.

Estate taxes are a trap for the unwary. Yet, many avoid the discomfort of estate planning because it relates to death and dying. One's choice amounts to getting ahead of the issue, or leaving things to the cruelty of chance and forcing survivors to face difficult decisions during an already taxing time. Further topics include advanced health care directives and ensuring your end-of-life medical decisions are honored, ensuring inhertiances are not wasted, protecting beneficiaries from predators and why living trusts are preferable to wills.


Do you have home or car insurance? Then consider insuring against bankruptcy, divorce and overly zealous creditors. Properly structuring your financial life BEFORE a credit event makes your life immeasurably easier. There are as many strategies as people and their situations. Read through our site and then contact us for specifics. Our offerings include asset protection trusts, Solo 401(k) LLCs, closely held insurance companies and custom corporate structuring. Our two most popular offerings are:


Trusts are containers into which you place your assets. There's a lid and it may only be opened according to rules which you write. A properly designed trust strengthens your hand and makes your creditor's life more difficult. Our trusts are formed domestically and avoid many pitfalls common to offshore trusts. As proud members of the Domestic Asset Protection Counsel we are happy to walk you through the process.

irrevocable MEDICAID TRUSTs

Medicaid costs often force families to go bankrupt caring for their elders. One month in a skillerd nursing facility costs an average of $7,500. This bankrupts many middle class families and prevents them from experiencing the joy of passing on their inheritance. Our irrevocable trusts will allow you to qualify for Medicaid, without losing your home or going bankrupt. All this for less than the cost of one month in a skilled nursing facility.

Creditor rights vary state-to-sate and Wyoming has enshrined a number of debtor friendly laws. Luckily, these benefits are available to anyone with the time to plan properly. This means everyone. Don't be left wondering about what could have been.

Corporate structures & strategies

Proper business planning will result in lower taxes, reduced liabilities and lower odds of a catastrophic event. Improper financial planning throws everything you've worked so hard for to the wind in the hope "things just work out". Why opt for unnecessary risks when you can form a holding companies specifically designed to keep you out of trouble.

If you already know what you want, then great! We provide LLCs, Corporations and registered agent services. Click on what you want, fill the form at the bottom and we will handle the rest. Your company and client portal will be finished within 24 hours.

Those wanting to know more should read our Wyoming corporate services page. In addition to our full service menu, there are numerous resource articles designed to make your life easier.

Others market cheap corporations and registered agent services... and you get what you pay for. We help secure your future through providing follow-up services such as asset protection, domestic trusts and estate planning. Our relationship doesn't end when you pay, that's when it begins. Form your LLC online with us and get back to what's important, your company.


We're sure it is a question that has been driving you nuts: who should you trust with your most important affairs? Legal Zoom, and other discount providers, are initially appealing because they claim to provide all you need at a low-low price. However... critical nuance gets lost when filling a simple questionnaire. It’s cheap for a reason and could end up costing you a lot. Why pick up nickles in front of a bull-dozer?

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