Why a virtual office?

Virtual offices allow business owners the benefit of an office without the hassle. Few small business owners want to handle mail, negotiate a lease and manage employees if they don't have to. For must, such functions are important but not integral parts of their day-to-day operations. This is where we come in.Those who run internet businesses also would often rather not hand out their home address. There's little to gain from publicly broadcasting where you live.

Setup your office with us and receive your first year of registered agent service for free (a $49 value). This is our way of saying thank you and building a relationship for years to come. Note, we offer these services solely to clients of our law firm or registered agent clients. This is to ensure we remain small and maintain the highest quality service.

Most clients provide the following reasons:

    • Professional Appearance (Without the Headaches) - Many small businesses want the professional forward facing aspect of a corporate office, without all the backend headaches. Allow us to handle your phones, mail and lease.
    • Privacy - Regardless of why you do business in Wyoming, you don’t want others to be able to find you. Whether it’s just junk mail, or someone with worse intents, our service stops them in their tracks by preventing them from knowing where you receive your mail. Your information is safe and secure with us, and protected by attorney-client privilege.
    • Corporate Nexus - Wyoming has no state taxes. This means you should run as much of your revenue through WY as legally possible. Having your primary office (corporate nexus) here makes it easier to divert more revenue here.

Why Cloud Peak Law

There are other virtual offices in Wyoming. We believe we offer the best value, however. Our prices are competitive with non-law firm competitiors, but we also have a reputation to stand by and are not merely a fly-by-night website. You may find that as your business grows you are in need of further services. Whether it be simple buy/sell agreements, or various asset protection strategies if you face a credit event. In either case, you will already be a client of ours and we will happily help. Our relationship begins when you pay and you will never be a mere number to us.

Which service is right for you?

We consider our complete office package the best value at $300 annually or $49 per month. With it you will receive a lease allowing for physical access, our address for unlimited mail forwarding and a 307 phone number. If you would like live phone answering contact us and we can discuss prices and options. Those needing less than a complete virtual office in WY can choose from our a-la-carte menu below.

Keep in mind, those who incorporate with us receive 5 free pieces of mail forwarding per year and may add a phone number for $10 per month. This can be sufficient for many and we won't push you into more than you need. There is no handling fee for packages, only the shipping company’s fee! Let us know if you have any more questions about our services.

Local Phone number

The phone service provides you with a 307 number. You can either set the phone number to forward to another number, or we can send you a VOIP phone which allows you to make and receive calls. You also receive a free fax number. We don't set this up automatically as we find not everybody needs a fax nowadays. If you want an 800 number, or have other special requests, then just let us know and we will happily assist you.

Mail Forwarding Services

Wyoming mail forwarding service is important for many Wyoming LLCs and Corporations. Every Wyo company or corporation that is registered in the State must list an address. That address is public record and can be searched by anyone. Do you want some an unsavory type of individual looking up your Wyoming entity and seeing your home address? Avoid scam artists, thieves, bums looking for a hand out by renting a professional virtual office with mail forwarding. We also offer international mail packages. Click the link to find out more.

What Is Included With Wyo Mail Forwarding?

Each package includes mail forwarding. Also, when someone searches your address they will see our office building, not a UPS store. This helps you look professional. We also never charge a handling fee. Do you only need mail services or a phone? Then click the respective links to learn more.

Final Thoughts

It is our goal to ensure every client is satisfied with our service. If you choose our law firm, you will have dedicated customer support to inquire about mail. Unlimited scanning is always free, and physical forwarding is always done at-cost so you never overpay. Other businesses offering similar services for lower prices should make you pause. Be careful. They begin with a lower fee, but when you want your mail you will start to see fees. These add up. Soon you will pay them more than us and you will be left wondering why you tried to save a few dollars, only to end up paying a lot more than you inteded.

Looking to start an online business or work from home? Hopefully those pages help kick start your next great idea. Incorporate online with us when you're ready!

Here are a few different businesses which may find our services useful: social media consulting, catering companies, online resellers, graphic design, telemarketing, ebay sellers, etsy creators, virtual assistants, internet researchers and transcription services.

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